FAQs - What to expect

How does IV hydration work?

IV hydration delivers hydration and vital nutrients that your body craves directly into your bloodstream. Because the digestive system is bypassed, the effects of the fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes begin much faster. Your body will also benefit from the 100% absorption that occurs ONLY with IV therapy.  


Does the IV infusion hurt?

Our IV therapies are nearly painless. You may feel a quick pinch that quickly dissipates. A common comment we receive is, “I didn’t feel a thing!” We have expertly experienced medical personnel whose focus is making your experience as pleasant as can be!


How long does the IV infusion take?

Generally, our treatments last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Each treatment is tailored to the individual client’s needs, and treatment duration may fluctuate slightly as well. Injections, however, take only minutes to complete.


How frequently can I receive an IV infusion treatment?

How often you may receive IV infusion treatments depends on the package and the client’s needs. The Revitalize staff is knowledgeable and friendly and will assist you in choosing an optimal frequency. We do recommend that for most people, regular infusions lead to best wellness results and benefits.


Which is better: To hydrate before or after a workout/party/event?

Trick question. The answer is BOTH! Optimal hydration prior to, and after, a vigorous workout or great night out is ideal. Hydrating prior assists to prevent the negative effects of dehydration including fatigue, muscle soreness, nausea, vomiting, depending on circumstance. IV hydration after helps treat these, once they’ve already set in.


When will I feel the effects of the IV infusion?

This will depend upon your body’s hydration status prior to beginning treatment. Immediate, dramatic effects may be seen with your initial infusion treatment. As you begin obtaining regular infusion therapies, the body quickly becomes more effectual in maximizing the hydration nutritional balance, and results, while still being equally effective, will feel less dramatic.

Are IV infusions safe?

Absolutely! IV therapy is very safe. Our ingredients are medical-grade from reputable pharmacies and medical suppliers. These are the very same suppliers who supply any large hospital facility in the country. We only purchase American medical-grade products, and all products are inspected prior to supplying our clinic. Our very own, Dr. Joshua Gore has prepared every treatment.


Are there side effects to be aware of with an IV infusion?

Any side effects, should they occur, are extremely rare and usually minor. Potential adverse effects include: Bruising and mild tenderness at injection site, cool sensation above infusion site (we have blankets), flushing. Rare adverse effects include: allergic reaction and risk of infection. Side effects are treatable and short lived.


Where are the shot injections given?

The injections are given in one of our private treatment rooms.  Depending on your selection, the injections may be given in the arm or the glute. Treat yourself to the energy boosting effects of our B12 shots!


Are medical personnel present?

Our staff includes paramedics and nurses.


Is insurance accepted?

We do not accept insurance at this time. We do accept cash and most major credit cards.