experience Revitalize . memberships are the best value



Bronze Level Membership - $100/Month

Receive two - Just Fluids, IV infusions per month, for 3 months.

Silver Level Membership

$140/Month - Receive any of the following two IV infusions per month, for 3 months: Pro Package Infusion, Revitalize Infusion,Wellness/Immunity Infusion, and/or the Migraine Relief Infusion.

Myers Membership - $200/Month – Receive two Myers Cocktail, IV infusions per month, for 3months.

Gold Level Membership - $250/Month – Receive two of either the Skin Glow, The Works
IV infusions per month, for 3 months. May obtain one of each. 

Platinum Level Membership - $300/Month – Receive two Executive IV infusions per month, for 3 months.


Members also receive $5 off boosters!

Membership package lasts for 3 months duration, beginning from at the date of purchase.

Your will be charged the monthly membership fee on the date of sale and on the same date each month thereafter for 3 months.

Your contract EXPIRES after 3 months. Therefore, you DO NOT need to contact Revitalize to cancel your membership after 3 months.

We hope you enjoy our services and choose to renew!